Spaying and Neutering


So this one isn’t a very popular subject… amongst present company, but I do have a few pointers that may help all you loving cat owners, because it is a necessary evil. The average female cat can produce three litters of six kittens every year and,  as much as I prefer things to be left in their natural state and semi-abhor tinkering with other living creatures, if you don’t do this, you are simply unleashing multitudes of feral kittens into the world. Let’s be honest, you may love your cat to bits and refer to yourself as a crazy cat man or woman, but 18 cats and rising… is well beyond crazy. The way Teabag “alley-cats” around the neighbourhood the human race would have some serious competition for our current position at the top of the food chain if he wasn’t fixed. So really it’s for the greater good.

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