Crazy Half Hour

Nothing Happened

I love Teabag so much. Most cats have a crazy half hour about once a day, Teabag somehow manages, on average, two an hour. As long as he’s not sleeping, and then sometimes you can tell he’s dreaming it. I don’t know what he has against kitchen roll, but it’s immense fun to throw a roll into the mix every so often. You’d think there’d be some remorse for murdering it afterwards, but no… he denies everything. Once, I swear, he mewed and it sounded like “What are you looking at, I don’t live here, I don’t even know you, and I definitely did not do that.” He’s brilliant.

If you were expecting some sage advice on the subject of the “crazy half hour” ummmm. You can either – watch your cat’s schedule closely to identify when they are most likely to have an episode, get out your camcorder, and some popcorn, sit back and film it for Youtube. Or remove all breakables including yourself from the room and ignore the chaos.

I certainly don’t recommend trying to stop it. Nobody really knows why cats do it, most opinion says its to do with having a build up of energy that hasn’t been used, so your cat is just letting loose and playing it out. If your cat is just too destructive, it might be an idea to play with them a bit more to tire them out. Personally I just accept and enjoy it.

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