10 Great Treats For Your Cat



This has to be number one on the list, there is no replacement for stroking and fussing your cat. You know the sweet spots or you’ll find them. Everyone knows… your attention, (exactly when they demand it) is what cats like best.


If your cat has been extra brave or extra good you might like to get them a new play toy, either something you can both play with or something he can get on with by himself. That or some newspaper scrunched up and wrapped round with parcel tape, or a potato on a string. Sometimes weird stuff you make yourself is pretty amusing.

Meaty Treats

These are a great way to instantly reward your cat for good behaviour and are a very effective reward method if you are training your cat. If you just want to treat your cat regardless, because you love them x1,000,000 then it might be worth getting some low fat/low calorie ones. If your cat is like Teabag and doesn’t officially recognise any other sort of treat, except perhaps cuddles, it’s a wise thing to do.

Treat Toy

These look really fun. Teabag just ignores them because it’s extra effort on his part, but other cats love them. Compared to just getting a toy this is a whole new dimension of food, smell, play and puzzle.


Catnip is a type of mint, that contains nepetalactone, which has a strong olfactory effect on cats. The best way to describe it, is that it gets your cat high. If you’re playing with it, you shouldn’t play longer than 10-15 mins as after that your cat will probably hit sensory overload. But it is a fun thing and a treat nonetheless. You can buy it in it’s dried form, in a spray, incorporated into toys or if you’re a bit more adventurous, even bubbles.

Cat Milk

A lot of cats are lactose intolerant, so cow’s milk is not a great idea, but you can get cat milk, which makes a change from water and is fortified with loads of extra vitamins and minerals. I can easily see how it might be a top cat comfort food.

Cat Grass

There are two main types of grass that cats particularly like having around Dactylitis Glomerata (Orchard Grass) and Avena Sativa (Oats). Nobody really knows why cats sometimes eat grass and especially like these two varieties, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing so it’s a good thing to have around for them to nibble on.

Pet Blanket



Get your cat a comfy new pet cushion, throw or blanket. Great for making the usual sleepy spots even more relaxing and comfortable, and also great at protecting your furniture, so it’s a win-win really.

Cat Massager

Get your cat a relaxing spa experience by buying it one of these weird looking contraptions, they can help your cat groom themselves and also get a massage whenever they like, how brilliant is that?

…and last but not least…

Crazy Cat Corner

Build a crazy cat corner in your house and fill it with gratuitous amounts of strange looking cat activities, massagers, scratching posts and toys. Go nuts, the possibilities are endless.

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