Playing With Your Cat

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It’s really important to play with your cat a few times a day, play provides entertainment and exercise and can help with behavioural problems, but foremost your cat is a predator and so every once in a while those predatory instincts need satisfying, play is a great way to do this and give your cat as natural and fulfilling a life as possible. It’s also a great way to get to know your cats personality which will help you to understand the things they get up to.

                              Natural Feather Wand

Cats have 5 different types of play; solitary play by themselves which is basically running around, playing by themselves with an object such as a soft toy or a ball, playing with other cats which can be seen in behaviours such as chasing and playfighting, social play with humans like wand games and catch the ball, and investigation games, which usually involve poking their noses into your wardrobe, any boxes you have around and whatever other spaces they can get their whiskers into.

These types of play mimic actions and behaviours they would use in the wild, some clever person somewhere has labelled this the predatory sequence, which follows the sequence of – search, stalk, chase, pounce, catch and manipulate, and for complete happiness this sequence should be followed in your play sessions and the end should always be the same, the cat has to catch the toy. It would appear that games that do not fulfil this sequence (such as the red dot) can be frustrating for your cat, so I’d say it’s probably not the most fun game for your cat.

                       Cat Charmer

It’s recommended that cats should have 30-45 minutes of play spread out throughout the day, if you have an “inside” cat then you might want to lean towards the 45 minutes end of the scale.

Cats love rapid and unpredictably moving objects so when you pick toys try to get ones that you can manipulate for your cat. They also like novelty, so lots of toys, picked at random and taken away at the end of the play session is the best way to keep your cat interested. Toys left out will lose their appeal and become boring, so keep a space in your cat hoard to keep your toys stowed away in.

If you have a kitten or an older cat, or just want some more information on playing then Blue Cross Pet Advice and International Cat Care are a great place to start.





Teabag – On The Subject Of Treats


There has been some debate lately regarding how and when you should treat your cat. Let me just say… IGNORE EVERYTHING DASHA SAYS!

Your cat is amazing and superior and should have treats all the time. In fact, the first thing you should do in the morning, is load your pockets up with treats so you always have them handy. Treatworthy events include; napping, walking, breathing, purring, going outside, coming inside, walking on the kitchen counter, sitting on cushions, looking out of the window, playing with the red dot or the feather and eating.

Extra special double treats should be given at bath time and trips to the vet and for sitting quietly while being poked, probed, injected, for suffering the indignity of being put in a box, on birthdays and special occasions (we cats hold all major and minor religious festivals, from all religions, bank holidays, significant calendar events involving people we like such as Ghandi’s first day of school and Salvador Dali’s first moustache (you’ll need to ask your cat for the full list, but to be safe just assume every day is a significant day) and all special days pertaining specifically to cats. You are also obliged to double treat when your cat has been especially cute or funny or has attained a view on YouTube of said funny or cute action.

There is absolutely no excuse for withholding treats.



10 Great Treats For Your Cat


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Feeding Your Peoples


As a cat, it’s my duty to make sure that my owner eats healthy. Which Dasha does and doesn’t. A lot of the time she eats healthy but also a lot of the time she eats some stuff called junk. As far as I know junk is the same as garbage so I don’t really understand why she eats garbage but she says it tastes good. Which is what I said about tuna, but she’s being weird about my tuna and so now I’m going to be weird about her garbage. So I’m getting in the way, putting her off and knocking it on the floor whenever I can.

One of the worst things she eats is a pot with what looks like worms in it, so every time she goes shopping I attack the bags and claw them to pieces. She also eats far too much cake and sometimes she gets fat. So I try to walk over her cakes and smash them up which makes her very cross, but it’s for her own good.

I know she won’t listen to me, but the rest of you Peoples should:

People’s evolved to be omnivorous, because they aren’t quite as good hunters as cats, which means what you need is variety in your diet. If you eat too much of one thing or another, you will get very unhealthy and you won’t be able to do things so well.

You need to eat a balanced diet, lots of starchy foods like potatoes and pasta so you get your fibre and lots of vegetables so you can get all your vitamins and minerals, not just 5 a day, it should be 12 a day. Then you need to eat 140g of oily fish and 140g of white fish every week for protein and then 70g of meat a day, on the days you’re not eating fish. Those weird ones who don’t eat meat or fish need to have loads of beans instead. You also all need to eat milk and cheese.

Now cats, if you see your owner eating anything else and it smells or looks fatty or sugary, then you need to make sure your owner gets more exercise. My advice is to get all messy and make them chase you round the house to give you a bath. You need to pick your time though, when Dasha has just eaten loads of junk she can’t run very well and just gives up, so you need to anticipate when they think they might be able to catch you and exercise them exactly then.

If you Peoples need more better information you should look at the British Nutrition Foundation website.