Healthy Paws


Looking after your cats paws is a fantastic thing you can do to keep your cat happy. It’s advisable to wipe your cats paws with a damp cloth or a wipe (with as few chemicals as possible) every day. If you think about it they go digging around in their litter trays and so it helps with keeping your house clean too. When you do this make sure you wipe in between the toes and also around the pads. Making a conscious effort to do this also ensures you get a chance to check for any cuts and sores that your cat may have and deal with them before they get infected.

Suck UK Cat Scratching DJ Deck

It is also important to have a couple of scratching posts around so your cat can keep its claws healthy. Cats need to shed the outer shell on their claws and do this by scratching, so unless you like your carpets and furniture getting destroyed then a scratching post is a wise idea.

In excessively hot or cold weather your cats paws can become damaged, so be extra wary at these times in particular. I think rubbing your cats feet with balm or moisturizer just in case it steps on something too hot or cold, is a bit weird. Also if the product you have chosen is oily then it may do more harm than good, because in the instance of a heat wave, a heated oily substance, which your cat cannot get off, will likely prolong any injury. But if your cats paws have become excessively dry and moisturizing is necessary to relieve discomfort and a vet advises it, then go for it.

Hairy toes can also be irritating to your cat, so if you notice your cat licking its paws a lot. Then it’s likely there’s some uncomfortable hair growing in that spot and your cat will love you for trimming it. You can do this with a little pair of scissors. This may also be the case for splinters and trapped grit, which you can use tweezers to remove.

I’d like to say thank you to WebMD Pets – Top 10 Feline Paw Care Tips for providing the basic knowhow I used here. If you want to read their whole article I linked it above.



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