Claw Trimming

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As expected… the first stage of weaning Teabag off his 100% tuna diet… did not go well. So he’s getting his claws trimmed today.

I know a lot of people do this themselves, but personally I’m too afraid of trimming too harshly and cutting into “the quick” which is the bit where the nerves are and hurting Teabag, so I get it done by a groomer or his vet. Both of them have an extra pair of hands available to restrain him and the ability to carry out the procedure quickly.

If your cat is cool, calm and collected, you may wish to do this yourself. In essence it’s not a complicated thing to do, it is just like trimming your own nails, and it can stop your cat getting ingrown claws.

Claw Trimmers

First you need some cat claw trimmers, they are usually about £7. These are an item even I have in my cat hoard. I have them just in case there is an emergency and Teabag comes back with his claws half broken in a fight or some un-knowable event means I need a pair to sort out some problem he has and it needs to be dealt with immediately.

The next thing you need to do it to get your cat used to lying still and having their feet touched. A lot of cats don’t like this, but you will have to apply pressure to your cats toes to extract their claws for trimming, so it’s good to practise this and get your cat comfortable with what’s going on. When you think your cat is happy, then it’s time to get the claw trimmers out.

Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, stay clear of the pink bit “the quick” as I said before this is where all your cat’s nerves are and it’s pink because it has blood flow to it. The sharpest part of the nail is the very tip, so you only really need to take off a small portion anyway. Make sure you reassure your cat with a soft voice and lots of gently stroking and the process should be relatively easy.

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