Tuna Junkies


A long time ago I made a big mistake… having run out of Teabag’s favourite cat food, and being averse to going out in the rain to the shops… and a bit lazy,  I gave Teabag some tuna from my cupboard. Huge, massive, epic mistake. Now he refuses to eat anything else. I suppose it’s not really his fault, we all have some type of food-based Achilles Heel, something which we love but know is bad for us, and to a cat, tuna has such a strong flavour and smell that the poor thing really can’t resist. He’s hopelessly addicted.

So let me explain why this is so bad, firstly he is getting very malnourished, he simply does not have the variation in his diet that he needs to be healthy. On top of this, tuna contains pretty much zero vitamin E and I think it has given him Steatitis, he’s lumpy, grumpy, greasy, flakey and I think he might be depressed.

So, I developed a 12 step process to wean him away from tuna.

  1. Order padded attack dog training suit (there will be scratches).
  2. Carefully broach the subject of the many other foods available.
  3. Get scratches and be brave about it.
  4. Beg Teabag to eat something else.
  5. Try to bribe Teabag with extra playtime.
  6. Threaten with chicken soup and his travel cage.
  7. Cave in to all Teabag’s multitudinous complaints, demands and negotiations.
  8. Settle for stirring extra vitamin E into Teabag’s tuna.
  9. Replace pure tuna with a mix of tuna, Vit E and a tiny bit of tuna flavoured cat food.
  10.  Slowly increase the ratio of tuna flavoured cat food to pure tuna.
  11. Only give Teabag tuna flavoured cat food.
  12. Stick to my guns no matter what.

I think in 5-10 years I can get him completely pure tuna-free!

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