What Do I Feed My Cat?


What do you feed your cat? Well I’m just guessing, but I doubt your cat eats rainbows and sunshine, so really there are only two or three other choices, and even out of these, your cat is going to be very picky about what they want and what they like, and will go on hunger strike to get its point across, so you might be even further limited. Teabag, for example, has a hideous diet and will only eat tuna. Fingers crossed your cat is a bit more normal!

First things first, cats are truly carnivorous so that means, loads of meat. lots of people make the mistake of thinking their cats are like them… or worse like dogs, and can eat lots of different foods without getting sick, this isn’t true. Barring the odd grassy, leafy plant, cats need meat and really not much else.

So, lets look at the types of meat you can give to your cat:

Wet Cat Food

This generally the preferred choice with most cat owners. It is the closest and easiest form of cat food to raw meat. Cats definitely seem to like it too, it does have one draw back though and this is that you can’t leave it out all day, the general advice is to remove it after and hour if your cat hasn’t eaten it. Which can be a bit of a waste of money, so it might be worth acquiring something like the Cat Mate C20 Automatic 2 Meal Feeder with Ice Pack

When it comes to it, you can ignore labels like “gourmet” and “premium” (even in human food, they don’t really mean anything) look at the ingredients and try to get something with low salt and low additives and a high nutritional value, (a good balance of protein, fat and vitamins.)

Dry Cat Food

A lot of people say that dry cat food is bad for your cat as it is bulked up with lots of carbohydrates (which cats can have a bit of a hard time digesting), but it does have its place. It can be left out all day, so if you know you’re not going to be around then you can put it out and just leave your cat to it. In terms of eating habits, cats like to snack throughout the day, so dry cat food is good from this perspective.


You can also give your cat food you make yourself, actually let’s be honest, if this is the option for you, then you’re butler will be making it but in any case cooked fish, chicken, whatever are of course also options.

Now your cat’s nutritional requirements will obviously be very specific, so definitely run it past your vet, they’ll be able to tell you the ideal weight and calorie intake for your little furry friend and they’ll be able to recommend how much and of what. When it comes to wet or dry cat food, then a mix of both will certainly provide peace of mind and perhaps variety and your cat will of course make it clear what flavours you may purchase upon its behalf and the exact times when it will require you to crack out the tin opener. Don’t worry, once your cat has you trained, you can’t go wrong.

You might find this useful – Comparison of wet and dry cat food from Diffen.com it’s the only nutritional comparison of cat food I could find.





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