What Do I Feed My Cat?


What do you feed your cat? Well I’m just guessing, but I doubt your cat eats rainbows and sunshine, so really there are only two or three other choices, and even out of these, your cat is going to be very picky about what they want and what they like, and will go on hunger strike to get its point across, so you might be even further limited. Teabag, for example, has a hideous diet and will only eat tuna. Fingers crossed your cat is a bit more normal!

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My Cat And Worms!!!


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Worms are gross.

There are two types of worm that can affect your pet and cause illness and death as well as in some cases be transmitted to you. These are roundworm and tapeworm. Your cat can get infected, or perhaps a better word would be infested, by other animals with worms, by eating worm larvae or by eating raw meat or other infected prey animals, so it is important to have a worm control plan with your vet, as a precaution.

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Teabag – Twitter Is A Lie!


I joined Twitter today. I’m a bit disappointed. I thought there would be more birds.


Cat Water Fountains

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This will be obvious to a great many cat owners, but for the newbs… these aren’t just froofy toys for pampered kitties. It is really important that you get a good water fountain for your cat.

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