Brushing and Bonding With Your Cat


Ok this is a basic and essential thing you need to do every week. Brushing not only removes dead hair, skin cells, dirt and grease from your cats fur, but it also stimulates blood circulation and improves the condition of your cats skin. On top of this it creates a time where you can bond with your cat. The more you spend time relaxing, chilling and caring for your cat, the more they will trust you and this will make a whole load of potential cat-carrier incidents much easier to deal with.

A brushing regime will also give you a chance to check up on your cats overall health and well-being. Firstly check the condition of your cat’s coat, which should be glossy and spring back from under your hand when you touch it. It should not be patchy or bald in places.

Short-Haired Cats

First you take a metal comb and brush it through the fur going in the direction the hair is growing from head to tail to remove all dirt and debris. Checking as you go for lumps, bumps, wounds, fleas and ticks (keep an eye out especially for flecks of dried blood left behind by flea and tick bites.) Move on to the chest and abdomen doing the same. Next get your rubber brush (if you have a short haired cat) and brush all over again, to remove as much loose hair as you can. This is particularly good for reducing or preventing any issue with hairballs.

Long-Haired Cats

The advice here is very similar, brush carefully with a metal comb, taking care to remove any tangles or mats. Start with the legs and abdomen and move up the body and towards the head. This way you get the underlying tangles before the overlying ones and don’t hit both at once. You can use talc to help untangle any particularly bad ones, and it’s advisable to tease the worst out with your fingers to avoid causing your kitty any unnecessary pain. Neck fur should be combed upwards towards the chin. For the tail, make a parting in the middle and comb the hair on each side. With long-haired cats it is a good idea to check for faeces when you do the tail, which you can cut out with scissors if you find any. If you are having particular problems with tangles then you may want to think about changing your cat shampoo and buying yourself a mat-splitter.

That’s all there is to it.




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