Bathing Your Cat

that smell is me

Usually I leave Teabag to clean himself, he has short hair and he’s pretty well designed when it comes to cleaning himself, but there are times when he comes home so stinky, that even my little self-proclaimed “King of the Garbage Can”…can’t! Bearing in mind some of the awful things he eats and plays with, believe me I’m talking unparalleled stench! So, to avoid giving himself a bath, he leaves me in no doubt that he requires my assistance, basically by following me around and stinking me out til I can’t bear it anymore.

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The York Cat Trail

Today, Teabag and I took a special tour around the fabulous City of York (UK) ever vigilant for fun cat things to do, we saw this cat tour and had to go check it out.

For those of you who don’t know, York is the principle county town of Yorkshire, known by all who live there as “God’s own county.” Because, to be fair… it is beautiful. Over the years the city has been invaded by; Romans, Vikings, Chocolatiers and most recently the Tour de France, all of whom left their mark, making it a very interesting place.

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Brushing and Bonding With Your Cat


Ok this is a basic and essential thing you need to do every week. Brushing not only removes dead hair, skin cells, dirt and grease from your cats fur, but it also stimulates blood circulation and improves the condition of your cats skin. On top of this it creates a time where you can bond with your cat. The more you spend time relaxing, chilling and caring for your cat, the more they will trust you and this will make a whole load of potential cat-carrier incidents much easier to deal with.

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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?


Cats can spend up to 85% of their lives sleeping, snoozing, napping, relaxing and chilling. Which if you think about it, is a very sensible way to go about your business. If I could get away with it, I’d definitely spend 15 hours a day in bed. Teabag’s record… is 20 hours out of 24, which in napping terms is quite an achievement.

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Teabag – Wish Granted


Due to overwhelming public demand…. I have this new amazing blog! Now you don’t have to wait for Dasha to Email or WhatsApp you the extraordinary details of my comings and goings and all round fabulousness! I feel like I should say, thank you to all my fans… but really it’s you who should be saying thank you to me. So I’ll just say “I’m The Best” and we’ll leave it at that. I hope you enjoy my blog.